Coco's Italian Market
Coco's Lasagna - Made to Order
"Have you eaten?" This is my mother's mantra and rest assured my mother
Joan will make sure your three layer meat lasagna is the best you ever had!
Mom's Bolognese sauce is slow cooked in the traditional style made with
ground beef, vegetables, tomato sauce and a touch of wine.  Enjoy a real
authentic Italian dish that my family has made for generations.
Full Pan $80
Order on-line or call - Please allow 48 hours if you need it sooner please call
If you would like them frozen or sooner or If you
have any questions then call or email me
personally at  615-783-0114  
Buona petito,  Joan Cinelli
Be the hit of the party with Coco's Traditional Four Cheese Lasagna. Sorry to steal your
thunder but you and your guests will have seconds of our lasagna before your turkey and
gravy.  Made with Mozzarella, Ricotta, imported Italian Provolone and Parmesan Reggiano
Cheeses.  You could make it yourself but are you willing to take that chance? If so we sell
all of the ingredients in our market or you could just order one tonight with this handy order
Half Pan $40
For Italians gardens are like having a bedroom, every home has one.  So
we always had hearty pasta dishes with fresh herbs and vegetables and this
lasagna is no exception: Squash, Zucchini, Spinach, Red & Yellow Onions,
Mushrooms & Carrots smothered between layers of Ricotta and
Mozzarella Cheeses. You don't have to be a vegetarian to love this lasagna
just a human being who appreciates the love and goodness of a mother
and the foods of this earth.
Full Pan $100
Half Pan $50
Full Pan $100
Half Pan $50
Half Pans serve 8 - 10 people and Full Pans up to 20
Don't show up empty handed.  My family has been serving this popular dish, you and your guests will love.  
If you need a bigger or catered order please
contact Catering at 615-336-7982 or email at
Upon check out please
state date and time you
want to pick up and
whether you want it hot or
Please Allow 48 hours.
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